Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, and Editor

A documentary encapsulating a live improvisational solo performance of the same name, “its a matter of the soul”, by Indigo Sparks. Using voice and improvisational movement to amplify joy - in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad of attacks on our civil liberties in this country, this piece Dares to reimagine the American Dream.
How do we tap into that part of ourselves that makes us want to form community? To hold space for each other in times of uncertainty? To work towards the creation of a shared vision? To build a world? The creation, delivery, and documentation of this work generate a space for unapologetic curiosity and play. 

Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program Grantee 2021

Live Performance, Narration, & Writing by Indigo Sparks

Creative Direction: Indigo Sparks, Damon Johnson II, Bara Cashmere

Cinematography, Editing, & Lighting by Damon Johnson II

Producers: Indigo Sparks, Bara Cashmere, Damon Johnson II, Shelby Nelson

Set Design by Shelby Nelson

Stylist: Essel Aidoo
The Craft NYC at Roosevelt Island, Current Showcase at Prospect Park. Peerspace Photo Studio in BKLYN, & Governors Island

Designers: Celia Calderón Asensio, Nirvan Avisar, Simonett, & Savannah

"Action Line" & "Life Has it's Trials" by Dorothy Ashby, "As I Am" by Curtis Harding, "You Can Do It (Baby)" by Nuyorican Soul & George Benson

Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program Grantee Summer (2021)